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Shipping to Japan | CAB® Certified American Angus Beef Steak 3 Kinds Set

Shipping to Japan | CAB® Certified American Angus Beef Steak 3 Kinds Set

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American Angus beef steaks are made from carefully selected black cattle from the finest prime and top choice of the world's highly acclaimed CAB® brand. Angus beef is judged fairly and rigorously by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and only one in five cattle is selected to be certified as a CAB® brand, making it truly exquisite.

This three-steak set includes a sirloin, filet mignon, and ribeye, each of which is a different portion of the finest steak.

The sirloin has a delicious marbling and is very tender, and its flavor is considered the finest part of beef. It also has the perfect balance of marbling and redness, giving it a juicy, rich flavor that is mouthwatering.

This sirloin steak only needs to be seasoned with a simple seasoning of salt and pepper before grilling to enhance its flavor and maximize its deliciousness. This is a truly luxurious dish that focuses on meat quality, flavor, and quality. This is a must-have for special occasions and special meals with loved ones.

Filet Mignon, also known as tenderloin, is a rare and precious part of the beef, of which only 3% is taken from each cow. It is characterized by its extremely tender and fine texture, and the more you chew it, the more it melts in your mouth. It is also popular as a healthy food due to its low fat content.

Generally, it is prepared in simple ways such as sautéing or grilling, which allows you to enjoy the original flavor of the meat as well as its elegant taste. It can also be served with sauces or herb butters for a richer flavor.

Rib eye steak is the part of the meat from the shoulder to the back of the cow that contains a large amount of fat, and is flavorful and tender. It is one of the most popular steaks and is characterized by its juicy and delicious flavor. It is generally served in thick slices and is often cooked on a teppanyaki or grill.
  • Sirloin 226g (8oz) x 2 pack
  • Filet Mignon 160g (5.6oz) x 2 pack
  • Rib eye 198g (7oz) x 2 pack

*It typically takes around 1 week to 10 days for the product to arrive at its destination in Japan.

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